Independence day bird-race in Porvoo area

On the 6th of December I participated to a bird-race in Porvoo area. On the evening of 5yh day I drove to Lapinjärvi where we started early in the next morning with Juha Tuomaala. We didn’t find any owls so at 6:30 a.m. we continued to Porvoo where we picked up Ralf Rikberg and continued to rubbish tip to search for an Eagle Owl. Only bird we had was a much smaller owl, a Pygmy Owl which was calling a couple of times.

Next we continued to Emäsalo to see the sea. We got a couple of common species on the way but in Emäsalo we stayed for a couple of hours and saw 1000 Long-tailed Ducks, Common, Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls, Mute Swans, some 20 Cormorants, a Red-throated Diver and the a couple of very good species a Common Guillemot and 3 Little Gulls!

On the way back towards Porvoo we saw some common species like a Great Spotted Woodpecker, a Black Woodpecker and also a nice surprice a Common Buzzard. Also a Smew was seen from the bridge. In Koddevik we saw Whooper Swans, Tufted Ducks, Siskins and something else common.

Next we continued to a forest where was a local bird-association’s bird-feeder. Coal, Crested, Willow and Long-tailed Tit and a Treecreeper were found easily. We also heard a flock of Canada Geese. In Bjurböleviken we saw 30 Coots and soon we saw a Blackbird on one feeder. Hawfinches weren’t found even though we really tried.

In Kiiala we saw a Goldfinch, a Jay and another Common Buzzard but nothing else. Other teams had seen more. Soon we saw our only flock of Waxwings.

We continued towards Loviisa and saw a Great Grey Shrike before continued to Isnäs where we saw more than 20 Black-headed Gulls and a couple of White-tailed Eagles.

It was already getting dark when we still tried to find a Grey-headed Woodpecker but had only another Blackbird and another Pygmy Owl. We still dove around Lapinjärvi Lindkoski fields but didnät see anything at all. After all we had seen 47 species and were 5th on a race where were 13 teams.