A hide for bird photographing

I have been long thinking building my own bird photographing hide. Now I have one! This hide has been built mostly of recycled or vintage materials. My father and brother, who are experienced builders, were great help.

The hide is 250cm wide and long. An opening in the front is 180cm x 70cm. Photographing is possible through a mirror surface glass (same that Bence Mate uses in his hides) or through openings in a fabric screen. The windows are 80 x 60cm. Birds won’t fly to the windows, because I have placed a strip of fence net hanging over the upper part of the window. From bird´s perspective mirrored image of the net is visible in the window. Photographer can easily see through the net what birds are approaching.

This hide is made for 2-3 photographers. Cameras should be held on tripods. A tilting front wall gives lots of space for photographer´s and tripod´s legs. Bag wall has a bed that can be also used as space for necessary photographing gear.

So far fogging or freezing of the windows has not been a problem. This hide has a high ceiling so moisture from breathing will rice up. Vents up in the wall take humid air out. This hide has not heating and wearing lots of clothing and provided blankets is necessary. Even if the hide is high, it will shadow photographing area only during couple of midwinter months. Hide´s indoor walls still need painting and furnishing.

During winter months I will keep a bird feeding station around the hide. Next summer there will built a shallow 2 x 2,5m pond where birds can drink and bath. Taking care of pond and feeding station hygiene is of course important. I will bring nice branches and trunks where birds can sit on. I will also make nest boxes and plant fruit bearing bushes to surrounding area.

Here are some test images taken from the new hide.