Searching for butterflies

Warming climate has changed our fauna and change has been fastest in butterflies and moths. Childhood butterfly books had images of potential new for Finland butterfly species in their last pagers. Nowadays those species are already quite common. Our newest butterfly species were not even mentioned in those 1980 butterfly books.

Our goal is to see these new interesting species. So far we have often been away or done less birding during best butterfly time and that’s why we haven’t seen most of them.

We decided to make butterfly trip to the best butterfly area in Finland; Joutseno. On the way we saw Pine Marten jumping over the road. When we arrived to best butterfly locations, we found out that we were again a bit late. Lesser Purple Emperors were all worn already. Fortunately autumn season butterflies were all fresh.

Butterfly trip to eastern border of Parikkala next day, did not produce new lifers, but one more Lesser Purple Emperor was seen.

Here is collection of pictures taken. Click image to see it larger

This Board-bodied Chaser was seen in Patsaspuisto art garden where we were searching for more butterflies.