End half of November

In the end half of November I was birding only during lunch-hours and weekends. It was once again dark all the other time.

There was again some open water in Siikalahti where some tens of Whooper Swans and some Mallards were swimming but soon the bay froze and these birds moved to Vartialahti. Lake Simpele was still open and some Goosanders, Common and Herring Gulls and a couple of White-tailed Eagles stayed still.

On feeders there were lots of tits, especially Blue Tits. And on ordinary places I saw Grey-headed and White-backed Woodpeckers and Nuthatches. A couple of Great Grey Shrikers were still around and in Siikalahti I saw a couple of flocks of Black Grouses and heard some even lekking.

New November species weren’t easy to find, nut on the 22nd day I saw a flock of 4 Waxwings moving towards south where is much better berry-winter. We have no berries at all in Parikkala.

On the 23rd day we tried to find the Common Rosefinch which had been still seen during the week by some twitchers. But it hadn’t been seen for a couple of days anymore and we didn’t find it either. In Tyrjänkoski we found a Dipper..

On the 24th day I visited Soininmäki forest and on the way I saw a Goshawk and a male Capercaillie that was posing well. I stopped only shortly in Soininmäki but managed to fins a Tree-toed Woodpecker.

During the day we did a trip to Saari with Hanna, Elissa and Miika. In Suuri Rautjärvi we twitched a Black-throated Diver and saw also a White-tailed Eagle. We also saw a Black Woodpecker, a couple of Hazel Hens and Great Grey Shrikes, a Fieldfare and a Chaffinch before we stopped in Kanavalampi and managed to twitch a Hawk Owl. We managed to get some pictures of this mobile owl before a male Goshawk chased it to the forest.

The last week of November it started to feel like winter. It was snowing and snow brought some light to the landscape. But it also means that there are no new birds to be found anymore.

On the last day of November I did a trip to Simpele where I saw a couple of Dippers and a Goshawk in Änkilänsalo. A Nuthatch in Roukko was my 65th species during November in Parikkala-Rautjärvi -area.