Hoopoe story

On the 23rd of September I had been birding only on my lunch-hour and seen almost nothing, so I was having nice nap after my work. When I woke up I had got a message that there was a Hoopoe in Rautjärvi Änkilä. I had planned to go to visit a gas-station in Russia anyway and Änkilä was on the way so I left immediately.

The Hoopoe had been seen about an hour before I arrived to Änkilä and I had got some instructions to the right garden, but they were pretty badly wrong. I had told to drive 1 kilometer from one house, but it was close to 3 kilometers before I finally found a garden that looked right. And already from the moving car I saw a Hoopoe standing on the short grass in the middle of the garden. I got out from the car, put up the scope and took some digiscoping pictures and videos, but soon another car was passing by and the bird flushed to the forest behind the buildings. Anyway I had got good pictures, so I left towards Imatra and Svetogorsk.

But this wasn’t the whole story yet! On the next day, on the 24th of September, I went to Siikalahti bird-tower on my lunch-hour. I had planned to scan all the masses of ducks and Barnacle Geese and managed to find 2 Pochards, a Scaup and a Long-tailed Duck. Also a Marsh Harrier, a Common Buzzard and a Goshawk were seen. I was of course scanning the sky too with my binos and once I was doing that, I saw briefly a thrush or woodpecker-like bird disappearing behind Läähättäjä-island. I was thinking of a Grey-headed Woodpecker but waited it to come from the other side of the island and finally found it with my scope and it was a Hoopoe! I followed it flying across the bay and then landing to a field to Aittavaara. It was already so far that I decided to put the news out with my phone and once I had done that I couldn’t find the bird again, but it wasn’t a surprise the distance was so big.

So I walked to the parking place and drove Aittavaara and walked to check the field but I couldn’t find the bird anymore. But I was in too bad hurry to go back to work, so I really couldn’t check the field well enough. Anyway I had got the first self-found tick for the year and also a new Siikalahti-tick!