July 2007

It is possible to see lots of birds also in July

On the 1st of July I woke up in Junkkarikämppä in Rautjärvi after the Atlas-bird-race. On the morning we went birding to Joutseno with Jari Kiljunen. In Kuurmanpohja we saw some common raptors, a Stock Dove in Anola and in Kotasaari the Marsh Sandpiper had one youngster still alive. But nothing else was found so soon I continued home to rest.

During the night of 2nd and 3rd we were birding together with French Pierre-Andre Crochét and friend of his. In Siikalahti and Rautalahti we heard several Spotted Crakes, in Akonpohja a River and Grasshopper Warbler and in every field we heard some Corn Crakes. In Kanavalampi we heard altogether 9 Spotted Crakes and in Tyrjä Blyth’s Reed Warbler and a Thrush Nightingale were still singing, also a Long-eared Owl was seen. Bigger surprise was 24 migrating Barnacle Geese.

At night of 4th and 5th I drove again to Joutseno, this time to Korvenkylä to record a Lanceolated Warbler that had been found there. I got good recordings only the main road 6 was a little bit too close. In same place a Blyth’s Reed and a Grasshopper Warbler were singing and again many Corn Crakes. Marsh Sandpipers were still doing well, then I found a calling Quail in Kuurmanpohja and In Perä-Ahola I twitched 2 calling Turtle Doves which is really good record nowadays in Finland! On the way back to Parikkala and work I still saw a Hen Harrier in Rautjärvi Kankaan fields.

On the 6th of July we drove to Helsinki where our old friend Paul French arrived on the 7th day from England. We were birding 2 weeks around Finland and also in North Norway, Varanger and Porsangerfjord. The whole Finland-Norway tripstory (we saw altogether 222 species, many rarities, lots of pictures and tough birding!).

After the trip we were really tired! So the next bird-observations were made on the 28th day when in Siikalahti were 4 Dunlin’s and 3 Grey Herons. On the last days of July I visited Siikalahti every day: On the 29th day the best observation was a flock of 35 Spotted Flycatchers that were feeding on the tops of the trees. On the 30th I saw 7 Dunlins and a Little Stint and on the 31st day I twitched a Grey Wagtail from Rautjärvi Simpele Kokkola-river.