Geese are coming

On the 23rd of September I saw a flock of 220 Brent Geese already when I was driving to work. After the work I went to Siikalahti where i spent a couple of hours and saw 3100 migrating and 1000 local Barnacle Geese 425 Brent Geese, 400 Bean Geese, 75 White-fronted Geese, a flock of 29 Bewick’s Swans, a White-tailed Eagle, a Marsh Harrier, a Goshawk, a possible female Pallid Harrier, 2 Golden Plovers, 10 Swallows and heard a Water Rail. In Kangaskylä I saw a Nutcracker again.

On the 24th day we drove to Saari where geese were already migrating towards west very early. While we were hammering the field in Pohjasuo we counted 3000 migrating geese. From the muddy field we found 35 Snipes, 5 Jack’s, 3 Great Snipes, a Ringed Plover, 41 Golden Plovers and from the passerine flocks we found 10 Skylarks, a Red-throated Pipit, a Linnet, a Goldfinch and a flock of 62 Starlings – there were 8 species that we didn’t get in our rally last weekend!

In Jyrkilä fields we saw a flock of 6000 Barnacle Geese flying and there were 4000 more on te field and 2000 migrating. There were also 163 Whooper Swans which 3 of them had the neck-rings that we managed to read. In Suurenjärvenliete we saw some 500 Barnacle Geese with some 50 Bean Geese and a Peregrine.
Then we continued to count geese migration to Kuposenmäki where a family of Kontiokorpi already was. In a few hours we counted 13390 Barnacle Geese, 9412 unidentified geese, 1810 Brent Geese and 135 Bean Geese. A couple of young Pallid Harriers were seen migrating together and also 2 Tree Pipits, 25 Cranes, a Goshawk and so on were seen.

The migration was still continuing when we left. In Kanavalampi we saw a Great Grey Shrike and in Tarassiinlahti we saw an Osprey migrating and there was a flock of 5000 Barnacle Geese on the field and 1500 more migrating over us. In Akanpelto we saw a Rough-legged Buzzard and in Rautalahti we saw 3400 Barnacle Geese, 2 Brent Geese, 2 White-fronted Geese and 12 Bean Geese. In the evening we still heard several flocks of Barnacle Geese migrating over our house. What a day with geese we had!

On the next day we went to Saari with Harri Partanen but during the night almost all the geese had migrated. Also many other birds had continued south so the day was a big disappointment. In Jyrkilä we still found a flock of 2500 Barnacle Geese and in Pohjasuo we found still a Jack Snipe and 18 Snipes but no Great Snipes. A Bluethroat was a nice find anyway. We counted geese migration in Kuposenmäki for a couple of hours and saw 5000 migrating geese in far east, but the flocks were small and they were too far in Russia to identify – of course they were almost all Barnacle Geese. On the way back to Parikkala we still found 1000 local Barnacle Geese in Akanpelto and Rautalahti.

On the 26th day there was a flock of 2300 Barnacle Geese with 30 Bean Geese in Siikalahti. Most of the Bean Geese were Tundra Bean Geese as always here in east but there was also 4 Taiga Bean Geese. With Whooper Swans there was a Bewick’s Swan too. In the evening we tried to catch some owls again but only heard a Tengmalm’s and a Pygmy Owl.
On the next day the flock in Siikalahti had grown to 3800 Barnacle Geese. There were again also 70 Whooper Swans and 30 Bean Geese too.