First migrants

On the 2nd of March we headed to Tyrjä to see migrating eagles. The weather was very good but turned worse slowly. Anyway the only 2 White-tailed Eagles were seen after a couple of hours scanning empty skies. Also a Whooper Swan was migrating so the first migrants were finally seen by us too.

On the 3rd day we walked a short walk around Kirkonkylä and saw a Nuthatch and a Treecreeper.

I had lots of games in Lappeenranta in the beginning of the month and I stopped several times on Vuoksi and Kokkolanjoki but saw only a couple of Herring Gulls and Whooper Swans in Vuoksi and a Goosander, a couple of Goldeneyes and some Dippers in Kokkolanjoki.

On the 8th of March I saw a Whooper Swan flying around frozen and still very snowy Siikalahti and a Gtey-headed Woodpecker and a couple of White-backed Woodpeckers were already actively calling and drumming.

On the 9th day we headed to Lappeenranta and stopped on the way in Imatra. The weather was really bad but 10 Cormorants and an Arctic Redpoll were seen in Kupari, a hybrid Gooded x Carrion Crow in Imatrankoski and 3 Arctic Redpolls, a Lesser Redpoll and 15 migrating Herring Gulls going south.

On the 10th day there was a Great Grey Owl on one feeder in Kangaskylä for whole say. Luckily it left when it was getting dark and seemed to be in good shape. A Starling was still seen too, so it has been wintering succesfully.

On the 13th day ”Potu” Suojarinne was visiting Parikkala and we visited Siikalahti where we met a ringer who was just ringing a White-backed Woodpecker. We saw also another White-backed Woodpecker and heard a Grey-headed Woodpecker.