The end of August

I wasn’t birding very much in the end of August. On the 14th day we found a Greenish Warbler in Rautjärvi Lahnanen and 17 Barnacle Geese were feeding in Joukionsalmi. On the next day a White-tailed Eagle was seen in Siikalahti.
On the 18th day after heavy rains 33 Golden Plovers, 20 Ruffs, 7 Ringed Plovers, 70 Yellow Wagtails and so on were feeding on a muddy field in Tetrisuo.
On the 19th of August I drove to Lappeenranta and on the way I saw a young Red-necked Phalarope in Joutseno Kotasaari. Then in the afternoon we left towards Kokkola where on the next day we had birders football tournament – 5 teams were competing which was the best in Finland. We came second after losing the final to Tringa (Helsinki area bird association).
During the weekend we were of course birding too in Kokkola. In Rummelö and Harrbådan we saw Dunlins, Little Stints, 8 Shelducks, a White-tailed Eagle, a Arctic Skua, 2 Caspian Terns and so on and on the 21st day we birded in Lohtaja and saw 2 Goshawks, 2 Hen Harriers, 2 Caspian Terns, a White-tailed Eagle, Dunlins, Little Stints, a Curlew Sandpiper and so on.

On the 22nd of August I twitched a Greater Spotted Eagle in Siikalahti. I managed to get some good videos of it soaring just over me. During the day I saw it again with several local birders.

“Potu” Suojarinne came to do birding with me on the next weekend so on the 27th day early morning we left to Siikalahti. 3 Smews, some Red-backed Shrikes, 3 Water Rails and so on were seen but in very warm southern wind there was almost no migration at all. So we decided to go to Saari. In Akanvaara Tetrisuo we found what we were looking for – 3 Red-throated Pipits. Then in Pohjanranta we found a Greater Spotted Eagle which was clearly a different bird than in Siikalahti during the week. Both birds were probably 2nd calendar year birds but still easy to separate. In Kanavalampi we still saw a young White-tailed Eagle but then the rest of the day was spent in our friends Kontiokorpi parties.

On Sunday we went again to Siikalahti where we saw some passerine migration, but nothing better. 2 White-tailed Eagles were soaring on the sky with many other local raptors like 6 Common Buzzards (actually they are all here Steppe Buzzards or then something between), 8 Ospreys, 5 Hobbies and so on.