Quiet summer-time

On the 28th of May I had hurt my shoulder in a game and it was difficult to sleep at nights because of the pain. I had taken x-ray pictures but doctor didn’t see anything on them, so I was working and living normally.

I visited Booted Warbler and Great Snipes several times, mostly because I couldn’t sleep anyway. But other birding was a bit lazy because of the tiredness. Anyway I found 6 Broad-billed Sandpipers in Siiikalahti on the 6th of June, on the 8th day there was a couple of Slavonian Grebes after a long time, on the 9th day the first ever successful breeding of Nuthatches was finally confirmed when I saw 3 fledlings. On one more night-trip I didn’t hear anything new, but while I was listening a Nightjar about 30 meters away from our car, a Brown Bear walked across the road about 30 meters from me. On the 10th day a new Greenish Warbler was singing in Soininmäki and the first ever successful breeding of Grey Wagtail was confirmed when there were 3 fledlings in Simpele Kokkolanjoki.

On the 12th of June I saw a female Pintail in Siikalahti and on the next day I found a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker nest. Finally on the 14th day I had an Ultrasound examine for my shoulder and a clear fracture was found. Also new x-rays were taken and it wasn’t a surprise that the fracture was much worse than on the first pictures where I had seen it but unfortunately doctor hadn’t seen it. So I got 2 weeks sick leave and I wasn’t in a hurry anymore to go back to work. So I visited Joutseno where I saw a couple of Wood Larks along the main road.

I tried to walk a couple of times for 5 kilometers every day in the beginning of my sick leave, but all I saw were the same Canada Geese and some Gold Finches here and there, but in Likolampi we found also a young White-backed Woodpecker.

On the 17th of June we headed to a longer night-trip which we started by listening Great Snipes and the same Booted Warbler again. Then while driving towards Saari along the border-road, we stopped in Tyrjä and then Hanna noticed a strange light on the eastern sky – a rocket! Russians had launched a rocket in Plesets, more than 500 km from us but in perfect weather-conditions we managed to see it quite well and Hanna managed to get some pictures too! Later we found out that it had been Soyuz 2.1B rocket carrying navigation satellite Glonass-M. It was very rare to see something like this in Finland! During the night and early morning we heard 4 Golden Orioles, a Grasshopper Warbler, 3 Marsh Warblers, 2 Spotted Crakes, a Stock Dove and young Long-eared Owls and also saw a couple of adults.

On the 19th of June I heard the Booted Warbler last time. On the 20th day we ringed our only owls – 6 Pygmy Owls and also crossed border to Savo and checked that Red-throated Divers were on their usual pool. During the day we drove to Lappeenranta where we visited Askola and Kaislanen without anything to mention. In the evening we went to movies.

On the 24th of June we headed to Papinlahti to ring birds. Hanna had planned to start SSP-ringing project there which means that in the future there must be ringing in the future once every 2 weeks during the summer. This year we had planned to test this place as when the project begins nothing can be changed anymore to get right results. During the morning we caught 37 birds of 11 species which was more than we had expected as we had only 5 good mist-nets and 2 bad ones. Most common species were Great Tit and Sedge Warbler but some nice species were caught too like several Common Whitethroates, a Garden Warbler, a Lesser Whitethroat, a Blackbird, a Common Rosefinch and a Yellowhammer.

On the 25th of June Hanna still ringed nestlings of Kestrel in Tarvaslampi, there were 4 surprisingly big youngsters already in the nest-box.